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  • lightening peel

    Lightening peel


    The Lightening Peel is an effective solution to improve skin tone, reduce pigmentation and brighten the complexion. A unique combination of exfoliating, keratolytic, regenerating and melanogenesis inhibitor ingredients, the peel brings a real depigmentating effect. A powerful tyrosinase inhibitor, Tranexamic acid, helps to effectively reduce more severe cases of melasma. With continued use, the Lightening Peel will help to reveal a brighter, more even skin tone.

  • Xtra-FaceAntiaging-Cream

    Xtra Face Antiaging cream


    Xtra Face Antiaging cream is a powerful anti-wrinkle facial cream specially formulated to address superficial wrinkles and expression lines. This moisturizing, anti-aging cream contains biomimetic peptides to act as a rejuvenator for aged skin, while providing hydration and revitalization. Suitable for all skin types, the Xtra Face Antiaging cream provides an overall anti-aging effect, helping you to restore a youthful glow and smooth fine lines.

  • Xtra-Face-Antiaging-Serum

    Xtra Face Antiaging serum


    Xtra Face Antiaging serum is a powerful global anti-wrinkle serum that helps visibly reduce wrinkles, puffiness under the eyes, eye bags and expression wrinkles. This formula is enriched with natural active principles and specific biomimetic peptides, giving your skin a youthful, smooth and radiant look. Xtra Face Antiaging serum intensely hydrates, helping you to regain a youthful and glowing complexion.

  • Xtra-Facelift-viales

    Xtra Facelift vials


    Xtra Facelift vials are formulated to reduce facial expression wrinkles (glabellar, forehead and periorbital) produced by the constant repetition of movements caused by facial expression muscle contraction. This innovative formula helps reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, revealing smoother and more youthful-looking skin.

  • Xtra-Skin-Repair-viales

    Xtra Skin repair


    Xtra Skin Repair is a highly effective treatment for oily skin, enlarged pores, and matte-shiny dyschromias. It helps repair post-acne scars, and is ideal for treating stretch marks of any aetiology. With regular use, the skin gradually recovers its natural colour and progressively blends in with the surrounding skin.

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