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  • Basic-Caffeine

    Basic Caffeine 2.5%


    Basic Caffeine 2.5% is a powerful solution to reduce localised fat deposits and combat cellulite in all its forms and degrees of evolution. Its formula has been developed with the highest quality ingredients, to provide visible results in just a few weeks.

  • Basic-Organic-Silicon

    Basic Organic Silicon 1%


    Basic Organic Silicon 1% is a powerful anti-aging and anti-cellulite product. It fights against nonenzymatic glycosylation of proteins which constitute the conjunctive tissue, and delivers a powerful lipolytic action that is seven times higher than other lipolytics used in anti-cellulite treatments. Get the smooth, toned skin you desire with this effective product. Can be used with all Simildiet product range as an activator.

  • Colagenase



    Collagenase Enzyme is a specialized blend of active enzymes specifically designed to reduce the appearance of hard cellulite with fibrous, nodules and macro nodules. It can help to reduce and soften the appearance of orange-peel skin that is typical in cellulite condition.

  • Degreasing lotion

    Degreasing lotion


    This degreasing lotion provides a gentle solution to cleanse the skin. It oxygenates and light exfoliating action helps to remove dirt, oil, and other impurities while leaving the skin feeling soft and clean. This lotion is perfect for removing makeup while still being gentle enough for all types of skin. Lotion is the second step for skin preparation to chemical peel treatment.

  • Hyaluronidase



    Hyaluronidase Enzyme is a powerful product that facilitates the diffusion of other products into the dermis. Thanks to its permeability effect, it helps to integrate therapeutic active ingredients and makes it easier to remove toxic substances. Good to use for oedematous cellulite and lymphedema. Use it to increase the effectiveness of your skincare treatments and enjoy smoother, healthier skin!

  • Lipase



    Lipase Enzyme is a powerful lipolytic and anti-cellulite complex that helps reduce fat in specific areas while improving localised skin tone and texture. It contains Basic Caffeine 2.5% and Basic Organic Silicon 1% as solvent, which makes it particularly effective in cases of adipose cellulite and areas of severe localised fat. Use this enzyme to help fight the appearance of adipose cellulite and enjoy improved skin texture and tone.

  • Lipotrofin



    Lipotrofin is an anti-cellulite and draining food supplement that helps restructure and improve the texture of the skin. This supplement is enriched with Vitamin P which helps to reduce the appearance of “orange skin” and cellulite.

  • lipotrofin

    LIPOTROFIN cream


    LIPOTROFIN cream is the perfect solution to reduce volume and “orange skin” in your body. This innovative cream is formulated with natural active ingredients that help to improve blood and lymphatic flow, thus aiding in the triglyceride degradation. Additionally, its nourishing components help to improve skin texture and increase its elasticity.

  • ION-lipotrofin

    Lipotrofin ION


    Lipotrofin ION is the perfect solution for microcirculatory and anti-cellulite problems. It’s a powerful combination of active ingredients that helps to reduce cellulite, promote circulation and acts as an antioxidant. With Lipotrofin ION, you can say goodbye to those unsightly bumps and dimples!

  • Serum-intenstive-Lipotrofin

    Lipotrofin Serum Intensive


    Lipotrofin Serum Intensive

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