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  • Adelplus



    Adelplus is a natural and totally safe fat-burning and thermogenic suppressant that works to activate fat combustion and inhibit fat and sugar absorption. With Adelplus, you can enjoy a healthier and more balanced weight without compromising your well-being.

  • Bhioerba 1 HB

    Bhioerba 1 HB


    Bhioerba 1 HB is an herbal supplement that provides a powerful choleretic, colagogue and carminative effect. It is a great anti-dyspeptic, hepatic detox and general depurative, making it especially useful for those with diabetes and alcohol abuse. With this supplement, you can quickly and easily feel the beneficial effects and start to regain control of your health.

  • Condro capsules

    Condro capsules


    Condro capsules are designed to help with post-traumatic recoveries, tendinitis, fibrillar lesions, and degenerative joint diseases by inhibiting pro-inflammatory cytokines and increasing collagen and joint proteoglycans synthesis. These capsules also help prevent joint degradation, allowing your joints to remain healthy and strong.

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