SIMIL Care cream restores and maintains the skin barrier by softening, lenitive, anti-erythema, anti-inflammation, soothing, regenerating and healing action.

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Cream that restores and maintains the skin barrier function. Presents a softening, lenitive, anti-erythema, anti-inflammation, soothing, regenerating and healing action.

BPS ( Brasssica campertris sterols), Hydrolysed silk, Allantoin, Panthenol, Wheat germ oil, Cupuacu butter.

  • Restructures the damaged lipid barrier to re-establish smoothness, elasticity and physiological function.
  • Physiologically regenerates and moisturises any skin type.


Whenever a soothing, hydrating, regenerating, anti-erythema and lenitive action is required.

We can use SIMIL CARE as a mask after facial and body aesthetic treatments. We will apply a layer to the affected area and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. We will remove it partially and gently massage until its complete absorption.

5oml tube

300ml white HPDE container.


Cream that maintains and restores the skin barrier function presents a softening, lenitive, anti-inflammatory, softening lenitive, healing, soothing, regenerating action, and hydrating.

This can be used as a mask after body and facial aesthetic treatments, use on a layer of the affected area and left for 10/15 minutes, partially removed, then message area until fully absorbed.

Advantages of Simil care

Simil care is a body moisturizer and moisturizing facial that helps to restructure the liquid barrier and restore the softness, physiological, and elasticity functionality of the skin, as well as helps to hydrate and regenerate any kind of skin.

Similcare is perfect for use after a peeling treatment, dermabrasion, skin needling, and after body and facial mesotherapy, hair removal or laser treatment. Anyway, it can also be used as an after sun. It is perfect for daily use on delicate, sensitive, and dry skin.

Features of Simil care

Here are some of the key features of Simil care:

Stop dryness

Facial moisturizers help save the skin barrier from irritation. According to dermatologists, it also helps stop the development of dry skin or treat dry skin. The best moisturizer, like Simil care will save your skin from infection and cracking during harsh weather.

Moisturizers are the items that stop your skin from drying off. Whether it is hot or cold weather, the frosty air or blazing heat, the warm showers you love, or the continuous washing – these environmental factors can dry your skin and cause issues.

Moisturizing the skin regularly can counteract the effects of our everyday habits and the situations in which we live and decrease the chances of developing skin issues.

Youthful skin

Moisturizing your face with Simil care will help you feel and look younger, have softer, more elastic skin, and keep your skin hydrated. A little effort in moisturizing your face will help you look as young as possible for years to come.

Moisturizing the face daily is the most basic protection against premature aging of the skin. You can forever add extra anti-aging creams to focus those wrinkles and fine lines precisely, but without moisturizing the face, you are not going to any place.

This is because people with dry skin are more susceptible to destruction in the skin cracks, surface, flaking, and peeling, which might become even more painful in high cases.

Quicker cell turnover

Another advantage linked with moisturizers is improved cell function and speeded cell turnover.

Our skin continually generates new skin cells deep within the dermis and changes worn-out, old, and ill-functioning cells. As we age, this regeneration process slows down, and imperfections in our skin become more permanent.

How to apply Simil care

It is advised to apply a layer on the affected area and keep it for fifteen to twenty minutes. Partially remove and perform a slow massage.

It can generally be used daily, day, and night. Apply directly to clean skin with a gentle circulator massage until fully absorbed.


Keep out of reach of little children. Do not eat.


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300 ml, 50 ml


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