Xtra Hair Restorer vials


Xtra Hair Restorer vials are specially formulated to help reduce hair loss, restore hair vitality and promote healthy, thick and shiny hair. This powerful hair treatment contains a unique blend of 13 vitamins, 24 amino acids, 4 coenzymes, 4 minerals, 3 nucleic acids, 2 antioxidants, 6 biomimetic peptides,Hyaluronic acid (1.5%), Rutin, Ginkgo biliba, and Chamomilia recutita. Experience the difference with Xtra Hair Restorer vials!

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Introducing Xtra Hair Restorer, a revolutionary product that is specifically designed to promote natural hair growth and restore hair quality. It utilizes a unique blend of natural ingredients to help combat all types of alopecia, from light to more severe cases. Xtra Hair Restorer helps to prevent hair loss and gently care for a dry, delicate, and devitalised scalp. It is perfect for both men and women suffering from various types of alopecia.

Xtra Hair Restorer contains a combination of herbal extracts, plant oils, and vitamins that work to improve the symptoms of alopecia. Its highly effective ingredient blend helps to revitalize the scalp environment by nourishing and strengthening the hair follicles. This increases the production of new, healthy hair and helps to prevent further balding. In addition, Xtra Hair Restorer boosts the scalp’s natural defenses and helps to protect against environmental pollutants that can damage the scalp and hair.

For maximum effectiveness, Xtra Hair Restorer should be applied twice daily. Simply massage gently into the scalp and leave on overnight for maximum absorption. After the first few uses, you may notice an improvement in hair quality, as well as less hair shedding and increased hair growth. Over time, your hair will become thicker, fuller, and healthier.

Xtra Hair Restorer is a must-have for anyone suffering from alopecia of any kind. It is suitable for all hair types and is proven to be effective in restoring hair quality and preventing hair loss. For the best results, use it alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle.

13 vitamins, 24 amino acids, 4 coenzymes, 4 minerals, 3 nucleic acids, 2 antioxidants, 6 biomimetic peptides,Hyaluronic acid (1.5%), Rutin, Ginkgo biliba, Chamomilia recutita.


  • Appropriate for all types of alopecia ( affected both men and women).
  • Restores hair quality.
  • Prevents hair loss and care dry, delicate and devitalised scalp.
  • Improves problems brought on by alopecia in both men and women.

Instruction for use:

Each specialist will recommended the best technique to correctly apply the product.

5 vials x 5 cc


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